Upstyle Your Look for a New Year!!

Welcome 2017!! It's time for new goals and new beginnings! 

It's ever so fun to be a holiday gift to someone who is excited about making positive changes in their look. Whenever this happens, I always wish I'd wrapped up in a big bow, but somehow I never remember the ribbon.

Brita was given the gift of my services by her husband for Christmas. What a beautiful change!!

The Making of Kelly

I do love my job! I've just worked with a beautiful - and brilliant - DC bound future exec for Deloitte Consulting firm. She graduated with honors from the University of Virginia and is destined to own the company. She is 23. Kelly is walking in to a fabulous new career....owning herself. She had nothing in her closet. Here's a sneak peek at the work we did building her new look and wardrobe.