The highly visual seminars Susan has given throughout the country have been extremely well received from audiences of 15 to 1,500. She is knowledgeable, exciting and topical while motivating her audiences to become their very best. Her presentations include an upbeat PowerPoint format featuring all facets of a polished image.

Mary from Estee Lauder writes:

“I’ve been with Estee Lauder for 10 years and your seminar was the most beneficial and the most exciting I’ve ever attended. Thank you for making it so pleasurable and informative."


Seminar Menu

women who mean business

As a corporate image consultant, Susan is frequently requested to create seminars based on the specific culture of the organization with whom she’s addressing and consulting. Dress codes vary widely in today’s business world - no matter what the business - and often require clarification. This presentation is targeted to the personal brand of professional women on all levels illustrating appropriate and inappropriate appearance components in their particular environment.

Topics include:

  • Before and Afters exemplifying many problems commonly encountered
  • Hair styling do's and don'ts
  • Clothing fit, style and proportion
  • Wardrobe assessment and editing
  • Wardrobe investments
  • Wardrobe building
  • Business casual vs. casual business 
  • Incorporating current trends and styles
  • Dressing for your shape
  • How to update your existing wardrobe
  • Shoe styles
  • Accessories
  • Details that make a difference
  • Lingerie options
  • Packing/Travel tips for business related meetings and events        

Fees are based upon the individual project.

75 Years of women who mean business

Susan created this compelling 45 minute seminar as an historical review of women in business since the 1930’s. It takes us on a journey through the decades of the past 75 years illustrating the most poignant events in history, how they affected our lives and how we evolved as women in business through these ever-changing times. This presentation was introduced at the request 

of the American Women's Society of CertifiedPublic Accountants for their 75th Anniversary Gala at their National Conference in Dallas and has captivated numerous audiences ever since. From Mary Cheaney, National President of AWSCPA 2008:  "On behalf of women everywhere, I want to thank you for your time, your love and your special talent in this program. A journey like this gives me a new perspective on how far women have progressed, and provides me with some optimism for the

Pack and fly to black tie

Pack and Fly slide 2.jpg

This 90 minute program was created for women who travel frequently and have demanding social schedules from the most casual event to the most formal of occasions. It focuses on the challenges of dressing appropriately from travel chic to black tie. From ‘must haves’ that every woman needs to tips that make a for a smashing appearance, Susan provides advice in solving various wardrobe dilemmas no matter where in the world you may be destined.

Topics include:

  • Packing essentials
  • Business social do’s and don’ts
  • Elegantly casual, sophisticated chic, business smart… what’s the difference?!!
  • What to wear for all categories of social functions
  • Appropriate dress for business or political functions
  • Specialty lingerie
  • Tastefully sexy – or not! When to work it – and when not to!
  • Glitz – how should you wear it?
  • Details that make it – or break it
  • Accessorize accordingly
  • Photo shoot: Posing for a photograph

Dressing today's man

This 45 minute presentation guides the male audience through the fundamentals of dressing appropriately in any business or social environment, from the ball park to black tie. It offers head-to-toe advice for choosing the right look, the right fit, and the right style for every situation – and any environment.

Topics include:

  • Care of clothing — are wrinkles EVER appropriate?
  • Clothing essentials
  • The perfect fit for pants, slacks and jeans
  • How to measure a shirt
  • Shirt/collar styles
  • Shirts and ties
  • Business casual do's and don'ts
  • Dress up, dress down
  • Blazers and sport coats
  • Socks, shoes and belts
  • Jewelry
  • Suit up
  • Black tie