How to look your best in photos

How to look your best when taking photos. Learn the right way to stand, best posture for your body, and how to pose in photos.

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Silk scarves are a beautiful accent piece to any ensemble. Here, I show you the right ways to add this touch of color and flair to your favorite outfits.

How to wear a wrap sweater

A wrap sweater is great when worn with jeans of dress pants because of the overall long line it creates. Discover different ways to wear a wrap sweater with  help from image consultant Susan Bigsby. 

how to wear a properly fitted tuxedo

Wardrobe Expert Susan Bigsby teaches you how a tuxedo should look and feel to get the best fit possible. With a properly fitted tuxedo you will look your very best.

How to wear slouch boots this fall

Kick up your heels in style with slouch boots this fall. Here's the right way to wear this casual look without over dressing them.

how to wear a sexy vest

Vests can be worn by women in ways that are both sexy and tasteful without giving too much away. Here Image Consultant Susan Bigsby shows you how to fit sexy vest perfectly in trend.


Capelet's have become stylish and popular was to replace traditional sweaters. Here Image Consultant Susan Bigsby shows the casual and versatile uses for the fun garment with Victorian roots.


Susan Bigsby shows viewers how to wear a lightweight, silken cashmere shawl or pashmina that can be bought in a variety of sizes.

How to wear a sexy corset

Corsets allow a woman to be both tasteful and sexy at the same time. In this video expert Susan Bigsby shows you the right way to wear a sexy corset.

how to wear a sling bag

A sling bag is a bag that slings over the shoulder, and it's most prevalently worn the form of a backpack. Here's the right way to incorporate this trendy accessory into your daily look.

how to add a vintage pocket watch to your look

Vintage accessories can add interest to your look and make for wonderful conversation pieces as well. Here's how to add these interesting accessories to your wardrobe in the right way.