Notes from grateful clients

Former delegate to the UN

I think of you with so much gratitude EVERY day and I want to pass a bit of this gratitude on. I just came back from a dinner in NYC and afterwards, I had a drink with the Governor of NY. As usual these days, I never think of myself because when I walk out the door I know I look great and can concentrate on whomever I meet without a thought about myself. Thank you for this constant confidence. 

When I met the President in NYC, I wore the outfit that you suggested...You truly are a fairy godmother.


Makeover testimonials

Maria wrote:

I have thought and thought and thought some more over what to say, but I can't thank you enough. The response from friends and family has been amazing. I've enjoyed the shock value enormously — the second looks by people are great. My own children's responses were proof enough that the change was enormous — and right. My oldest son noticed my blue eyes from 20 feet away. My own husband didn't recognize me. It's been so much fun! Thank you so much! 

Susan wrote:

I want to thank you for everything you taught me last week. I surely feel more comfortable and confident and you are delightful to spend time with. Susan, you are great at your job and I can only assume you help people every day feel better about themselves. You have helped me feel good about a new chapter in my life and I’m excited about finding my “niche” outside of mother and wife.

Cynthia wrote:

Thank you so very much for knowing what you know and teaching it so well! 

Annette wrote:

Thank you for your friendship, your honesty and your expertise in my makeover and wardrobe redesigning! I love it! Watch out world – here I come!

Beth Wrote:

I can't thank you enough for this chance of a lifetime! I'm still hearing "raves" from people I run into. I really had an enjoyable time that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thanks for giving me a whole new internal and external outlook! 

Renee wrote:

Thank you so much for what you did for me in just a few short hours. You have a wonderful and encouraging way about you – its genuine nature is very apparent. I can’t thank you enough.

Kelly wrote:

How can I thank you enough, Susan!  When my mom gave me sessions with you as a college graduation gift, I was excited to get help finding cute work clothes.  But I had NO idea what an amazing transformation I was in for.  Working with you has been nothing short of life-changing!  Learning to dress well and present myself in the world has helped me in every aspect of life.  It has helped me get incredible job offers and given me a huge advantage in my career.  It has changed how I see myself and how my friends see me.  And most importantly, your passionate approach to image has taught me that taking care of how I look is a wonderful way to boost my confidence, to choose how I want to present myself to others, and to value myself!  Thank you so much for all of your help and support, Susan!  You are the best. 


Kathryn wrote:

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all have done for me. You are a true professional who has made my life — and lifestyle — a better one! I'm thrilled to know you and work with you! 


Holly wrote:

Thank you so much for your expert advice and delightful companionship as we worked together to build a professional and fun wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoy working with you and will think of you every time I get dressed!

Terrie wrote:

I wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful my experience was with you. The clothes shopping was great and your advice on color and fit were invaluable. People are noticing the change — thank you! And what turned out for me to be equally important was the makeup lesson. I feel like a different person. I now have confidence — and I have you to thank. 

Kristann wrote:

Your contribution to my life and lifestyle have been immeasurable. With the economy doing what it has done, it has made such a difference to me,having the ability to streamline my shopping. We simply can’t afford the buy now, figure it out later strategy that I employed before meeting you. In fact, since my makeover, I have been promoted at work and received the highest award in my field — Best of Quest. (Quest Diagnostics) I am also closing the largest sale of my career. My sincere thanks to your contribution.

Paula wrote: 

Your guidance, friendship and kindness have changed my life, my parent's lives and my children's. How can anyone be more special than you?