My Mission

Though I work with dozens of television anchors, you don't have to be a TV personality or high-profile public figure to benefit from a polished, well-groomed image. My clients include individuals from the private sector as well as professionals from industries including financial, healthcare, hospitality, real estate and many more. Each of them desire to know their own best "recipe" for their needs and lifestyle. Mistakes in wardrobe, makeup and hairstyling can be costly and frustrating. A professional consultation is an excellent investment that will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to enable you to achieve your very best. Together we'll establish a budget, a time frame and a goal based on the following menu of individual services.

How it works

MAKEUP CONSULTATION   90 minutes - $195

This is where we get acquainted. I want to see you —and listen to you. Appropriate makeup application is essential to a polished, well-groomed appearance. People communicate with us from the shoulders up and that's the reason I start with your face. It's the heart of who you are. 

The makeup requirements for most of us are far different from that of the super models and movie stars with whom I've worked. The majority of my clients want to look their best as easily as possible – and don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it. If I give you a complicated recipe that involves a lot of products – and skill – you’re likely to throw it in the drawer and go back to your old ways.

I don't sell products and I don't promote a specific line of cosmetics. I work independently choosing what I know performs best given the specific needs of each individual. In our 90 minute session, I will analyze what you currently use and then create your own best recipe that you can duplicate easily on a daily basis keeping up with the ever changing cosmetic industry.



I trained under color expert, Cynthia Skari, of Color Quest TM, who I believe created the best system for choosing the most individual and unique shades for each and every client. Wearing those that are attractive with your coloring is of first importance. I do a complete personalized analysis of what shades are most flattering to the client by using over 2,000 hues. I then provide you with a portable and easy-to-use color portfolio, which will eliminate any uncertainty in color selection. 


WARDROBE CONSULTATION    Minimum 2 hours - $150/hr or $950/day

Whether the idea of shopping gives you a panic attack or you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, here’s where we take a tour of your closet to get an idea of how you’re currently dressing. I’ll take an inventory of what you own, make recommendations based on what works, what doesn’t and how to proceed.

I provide advice in: 

  • How clothing should fit YOUR body
  • Styles which will best compliment your figure and proportion
  • Which pieces should be tailored
  • Which pieces you should donate
  • Advice in "looks" that are current, practical and appropriate to your needs.
  • How to reinvent or repurpose favorite pieces with new combinations
  • How to utilize all the pieces in your closet
  • Advice in building a complete wardrobe
  • Accessorizing (including jewelry, belts, hosiery, shoes, handbags and optical wear, if applicable)
  • Selecting the appropriate undergarments
  • Details that make the difference
  • Shop your closet



I am not a hairdresser. But I have long established relationships with some of the most talented stylists and colorists in the Palm Beaches. All of the stylists work with me as a team to create the most flattering look possible based on what your hair wants to do – and the demands of your lifestyle. You will be taught the styling techniques and given the tools to maintain the look on your own. After all, it doesn’t matter what professionals can do if you’re not able to re-create it. It is up to us to teach you how to do it yourself. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals – both personally and professionally. After all, it’s all about you.

Note: As I frequently travel nationally to see my clients in their own environments, I either work with the client’s own stylist or seek out a reputable salon that will choose a professional who will be the best fit.



I'm very fortunate that I live in one of the most incredible shopping areas in the world and the options are limitless. Once out of the closet, I live in stores and dressing rooms. That said, I've become an expert on where to shop, what designers/brands will suit you best and where to find the best selection. Based on my discoveries of what was in your closet, together, we create a list of the needed items that will complete and update your existing wardrobe.  I’ll choose the stores that will best provide the pieces that will fulfill our needs and I go to work. I scout and pull clothing ahead of time and it's all chosen and prepared for you when you arrive to meet me.

         SHOP FOR WOMEN                                                       • SHOP FOR MEN 


The final - and most important - step is to revisit your closet and introduce your new purchases. It’s like completing a puzzle. We combine your existing pieces with the new and take photos of you wearing all the possible combinations, so that you don’t forget what to do. You will put these photos in a look book for easy reference – you’ll have an actual catalogue of your own wardrobe!



With business more competitive and challenging than ever, it’s no longer enough to be highly credible in your area of expertise. If you work in an office and are not the first person to greet a client/patient, it is the responsibility of your staff/team members to represent your credibility and professionalism. A client/patient will choose your services not only by your reputation and skills, but by the polished presentation of you and your staff members – which includes the manner in which the client is treated as well as appearance. How does your team present themselves on a daily basis? Do they appear neat and well-groomed in the manner that appropriately represents you and your brand? Do they go out of their way to extend professional courtesy?

                                       Karen Glerum, DDS and Staff

                                       Karen Glerum, DDS and Staff

I work with businesses of all sizes and brands. When I visit your office, I make an honest evaluation and determine with the managing professional the best way to proceed in accomplishing the desired goals. All consulting services are tailored to the specific needs and culture of the office and may include a seminar, dress code revisions, uniform selection/design, makeovers and client/patient courtesy. Benefits from my services will:

  • Boost self-confidence
  • Inspire the respect of clients and co-workers
  • Increase awareness
  • Empower your professional brand with a polished professional image

 Julia Stewart: “I work on branding Julia every day from the inside out.” Chairman and CEO of DineEquity (IHOP and Applebee’s restaurants)."


It’s no secret that on line dating has become extremely popular and if ever it were the time to present your best self, this is it! Since your photos are your instant first impression, take time to plan, prepare and do it right. Turn offs (to most) are selfies and overly posed studio photography. Remember that your eyes and a genuine smile are the keys to your soul. Once you know this, we can begin working to style your best photos and profile so that they represent a true reflection of you.

The process includes all the services described above, while keeping in mind what will photograph well and flatter you most. When those selections are made, together we’ll choose the best locations for the photo shoot. Photos should be relaxed and natural. You never want to look as though you’re trying too hard! The best response from those who date my clients is, “You look exactly like your pictures!”