Bonjour Paris!

Hello Friends! 

Well, I've only been home from Paris for three weeks and already it seems like ages ago.  It doesn't take long for reality to set in!  

While traveling, I read a darling book called "The Little Paris Bookshop."  It called to me in many ways, but the most poignant was how I related to the main character in how we both work. He owned a floating bookshop on the Seinne called The Literary Apothecary.

"Perdue used his ears, his eyes and his instincts.  From a single conversation, he was able to discern what each soul lacked.  From a certain degree, he could read from a body's posture, it's movements and its gestures....he can see and hear through most people's camouflage.....A book is both a medic and medicine at once.  Putting the right novels to the appropriate ailments: that's how I sell books."  It's the same as understanding a person's persona and putting them in the right clothes. 

I have an expression that I call processing.  It's the perfect term for all the senses I use to know who my clients really are.  All antennas are watch, listen and observe.  Add telepathy and an extensive knowledge of resources and I have my prescription.

Dressing people can be complicated - and is often not about fashion.  It's about giving them a style and an identity that suits them, their lifestyle and whatever occasion (or situation) arises. Owning your look sends a message to whomever may be in your comany.  It's very uncomfortable to feel and look like you tried...and missed!  And many times it really is about nailing the moment!